PTC: Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet

In order to get success in PTC, one should have patience. Without it nobody can achieve success in this field. One think we should remember that we are not going to invest there from our own pocket, because it is very hard to identify the true one. Some post regarding this problem have already posted here. If you are interested to invest your time in PTC, you have toknow details about your sites. Recently I found two sites namely “shared2earn” and “buxten” have postponed their activities. I will again recommend you try to know your sites by google searching. Different types of blog may come to help you. From my past few years experience beware abot BUX related PTC sites. If you want to earn by clicking ( and you are bored to do that), please have a look at the following links and videos:

  1. Just Click
  2. PTC of FATHER
  3. Money Paying Evaluated Site
  4. Mother of PTC : Very Comfortable
  5. The site that I haven’t seen before
  6. Dedicated to Whom , want to earn rather than PTC

Video link

  1. Very Important for Starter/ Beginners
  2. How to work with best PTC site

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